Free Learning Resources
Free Learning Resources
We have created many learning content in different programming languages to start journy with magicbit
Open Source Community
Open Source Community
Magicbit is powered by popular ESP32 modules which has thousands of free contents on internet.

Download Utility tool and install Drivers

Magicbit Utility tool is used to upload firmware to support magicblocks.io, magicCode, and install USB drivers.

Download Utility

Connect Magicbit to computer using provided USB cable.

For the first time use Self-test running on the magicbit by displaying various features on the display.

Program magicbit with your favorite language

Whether you are expert or beginner, we have a platform to support you in C, C++, Python and Visual coding

Getting Started

Set up your environment by going through the following steps
Create. Share. Enjoy.

Learn smart technologies with Magicbit

Learn Coding, Electronics, Robotics, Internet of Things and even AI with Magicbit

Video tutorials and projects

explore seamless innovation opportunities with Magicbit on our Youtube channel