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Magicbit Master


Magicbit learning kit Pro is the ultimate way for a beginner to practice innovations with technology. The kit includes Magicbit platform, 10 pluggable modules, Magicbit Robotics platform and premium subscription for Magcibit Academy learning portal to learn Programming, Robotics, Internet of Things and electronics at your own pace conveniently.

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Magicbit Master with World Wide Free Shipping

This is a complete self-learning package which Includes,

The Magicbit Master kit is the ultimate toolbox for programming, electronics, IoT, and robotics enthusiasts. Designed to cater to your diverse interests, this comprehensive kit encompasses Hardware, Accessories, and Learning Content, empowering you to explore and create in various domains.

At the core of the kit lies the powerful Magicbit Core, a single-board computer that serves as the brain for your projects. Combined with the versatile Magicbot Robot Platform, you have the foundation to build and program incredible robotic systems. But that’s not all! With 10 pluggable sensor modules included in the kit, you can delve into advanced projects that involve real-time data acquisition and analysis.

To support your learning journey, the Magicbit Master kit grants you access to the premium subscription of Magicbit Academy, unlocking a treasure trove of knowledge. From Scratch Programming and Exploring STEM with Magicbit to Robotics with Scratch, 3D Design, Mobile App Development, Internet of Things, Electronic Design, and even Artificial Intelligence, you have a vast array of learning content courses at your fingertips.

To enhance your projects, the kit also includes an AA battery holder, a plastic fan blade, a DC motor, resistors, LEDs, proximity sensors, and a variety of M-M and M-F jumper wires. These components allow you to expand your skills and creativity, enabling you to tackle over 150 exciting projects.

Additionally, the Magicbit Master kit offers a Cloud IoT account subscription, allowing you to explore the world of Internet of Things and connect your projects to the cloud for advanced functionality and data management.

Unleash your potential with the Magicbit Master kit. Whether you’re into programming, electronics, IoT, or robotics, this kit provides you with the tools, knowledge, and inspiration to bring your ideas to life. Embark on a journey of discovery and innovation with this all-inclusive kit designed to spark your imagination and fuel your passion. The possibilities are limitless!

Additional technical specifications of the Magicbit platform are as below.

  • High Performance – 240 MHz Speed, 4 MB Flash, 520 KB RAM
  • On Boards Sensors – Push Button, LDR, Potentiometer
  • Multiple Connectivity Options – USB, Bluetooth, Wifi
  • On-Board Actuators -OLED Display, LED, Buzzer, Motor Driver, Li-Ion charger
  • Software Support for a wide range – Magicblocks, Arduino, Micropython, magicCode
  • External sensors can be plugged into the board as modules without jumper wires
  • Designed to explore creativity and Innovate new solutions
  • Tool for STEM education
  • Pro pack includes- Tilt Sensor, Temperature & Humidity Sensor, Motion Sensor, Proximity Sensor, IR Emitter, RGB LED, Soil Moisture Sensor, IR Sensor, Servo Motor, Ultrasonic Sensor, Li-Ion Battery Holder, Jumper wires



Additional information

Magicbot Battery Holder Type

3x AA Alkaline Batteries, 1x 18650 Li-Ion Battery

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