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Create your first IoT project in 10mins

What is Magicbit?

Magicbit is a tiny computer which can be programmed to create different innovative applications easily by anyone.

Internet of Things
DIY Tool

Program easily with Visual Code Builders

Visual code builders provides interface to drag and drop different blocks according to a logic and develop a solution. So even a person with minimum programming knowledge can start developing solutions.

Kids Friendly

Magicbit as a STEM tool

The easy to learn nature of Magicbit platform makes it an ideal tool to learn and practice IoT, coding, robotics, electronics and even play around with basics of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Pluggable Modules
Pluggable Modules

Different sensors can be plugged in to the Magicbit platform simply as plug and play modules which avoid the hassle of jumper wires and breadboards for a solution.


We have developed Magicbit to supports Scratch 3.0 with our version of scratch called “MagicCode”. It can be used to develop simple applications and scale it up to complex innovations

Code with your favorite platform

Magicbit also supports popular frameworks such as Arduino, Python, Nodejs, C# and Platform.io . And also it support almost all popular cloud platforms thanks to powerful ESP32 core. It’s best tool to practice and learn IoT cloud platforms


Magicbit Products

The Real Magic of Innovation

Magicbit Core
Magicbit Core

Includes Magicbit board with 6 months Magicblocks.io Standard Subscription

Magicbit Pro
Magicbit Pro

Includes Magicbit core, 10 Magicbit modules and 12 months Magicblocks Standard subscription.


Best way to learn robotics. Accessory for Magicbit

Learning Content

Magicbit team has developed content to develop applications with the platform integrating to mobile, cloud and different hardware components. All documented practical are available through website to learn and practice for novice innovators.

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