Smart Light
MagicBlocks Project

Smart Light

Control light with the Internet

What is a smart light?

A smart light switch can be controlled over the internet from anywhere in the world. smart light switch can also be programmed to be turned on at a specific time.

Intended Learning Outcome

You will learn to use Magicbit onboard LEDs with Magicblocks.

Magicblocks is easy visual programming software to program your Magicbit. Anyone can program their microcontroller by using magicblocks.io and there is no need for programming knowledge. You can sign up for free.

Connect Your Magicbit with Magicblocks. (if you don’t know how to do it, go through this tutorial)


You will need the following nodes.


Make the following arrangement.

Double click on one inject node.

Change the payload to boolean.

And select true.

Double click on the other inject node and select false.

Double click on the Digital out node

Select the correct device ID.

Then select any LED that you want to control.

Deploy and see what’s happening.

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