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Magicbit Pro

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Highly recommended for students and tech enthusiasts

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All In one
Everything you need in single package,
Magicbit Core, 10 Pluggable Modules & Battery Holder
Modular Designing
Different sensors can be plugged in to the Magicbit platform simply as plug and play modules which avoid the hassle of jumper wires and breadboards for a solution.
Multiple Programming Option
use the same environment to develop complex applications with hardware, cloud and mobile integrations.
STEM Education
Tool to practice STEM education
Plug and Play
Plug and play modules for quick learning
Internet Of Things
The best platform to learn about IoT

Magicbit Core

Our featured product for learning and practicing smart technologies
In built sensors
Wireless connectivity
Multiple programming options
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Learn and Experience basic concepts of Robotics
Line Following Robot
Detect and avoid obstacles
Control wirelessly with Wi-Fi & Bluetooth
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Connect with Magicblocks today to build your internet of things.
Flexible connectivity
Cloud & Edge hybrid computing
No Coding knowledge needed
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Magicbit Tiny

Magicbit Tiny is a feature-rich, easy-to-use, and affordable developing Board

Onboard Sensors and Components
Easy to use
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