Development of a hybrid air purification unit for the indoors in tropic
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Development of a hybrid air purification unit for the indoors in tropic

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“Enter the world of hybrid air purification with “Magicbit.” Create your IoT devices that sync seamlessly with this advanced air cleaning method. Discover the superiority of hybrid air purification and build devices that embrace it. Experience a blend of modern tech and natural solutions for healthier indoor air.”


Creating a fresh and healthy indoor environment in tropical regions like ours comes with its own set of challenges. Luckily, a potential solution is in sight: the hybrid air purifier. This smart innovation combines different methods and advanced technologies to clean indoor air effectively. What makes it stand out? In this project its main focus is on regulating indoor CO2 levels – a key factor in ensuring a comfortable indoor space for people. The brains behind this advancement? The University of Moratuwa’s Department of Civil Engineering, where a dedicated Ph.D. project is driving the change.

Experience how Magictbit’s automation and IoT focus empowers researchers, enhancing efficiency and reshaping the landscape through innovative solutions that optimize processes and amplify impact.


Enhancing Indoor Air Quality with Hybrid Air Purification

Introduction to ESP RainMaker and IoT Platforms In the first section of the course, we will lay the foundation by introducing you to IoT platforms and their significance. We’ll delve into the capabilities and advantages of ESP RainMaker, comparing it with other popular IoT platforms. Understanding the benefits and limitations will help you make an informed decision when choosing the right platform for your projects. You’ll also get hands-on experience by learning how to connect devices to the ESP RainMaker App and explore the essential components of a RainMaker code.



Magicbit: CO2 Level Regulation through Photosynthesis

Magicbit transforms indoor CO2 regulation with advanced automation. With careful precision in maintaining optimal CO2 levels, Magicbit cultivates a healthier indoor environment. When CO2 levels dip below the desired range, Magicbit triggers specific LED strips. This initiates photosynthesis, converting CO2 into oxygen and enriching air quality. After the photosynthesis process concludes, the LEDs deactivate, preserving equilibrium and nurturing a wellness-driven indoor atmosphere. This ingenious procedure underscores Magicbit’s seamless integration of technology and biology, fostering a harmonious and invigorating indoor ambiance.

Creating healthier indoor environments means addressing the challenge of CO2 level management. Magicbit takes the lead with its smart and automated solution. Using advanced programming, Magicbit constantly watches real-time CO2 levels in parts per million (ppm) and responds to keep us feeling our best.

This perfect blend of automation and intelligence is where Magicbit truly shines. By blending technology’s finesse with a deep understanding of our well-being, it transforms indoor areas into revitalizing havens. As CO2 levels change, Magicbit’s response remains unwavering, a beautiful partnership of technology and nature, crafting spaces that are both forward-thinking and nurturing to our overall wellness.




Elevating Air Quality in Tropical Interiors Through Innovation

In the vivid tapestry of tropical landscapes, the quest for better indoor air quality is a pressing challenge. To address this, we’ve embarked on an innovative journey – introducing the “Development of a Hybrid Air Purification Unit for Indoor Environments in Tropics.” Led by the University of Moratuwa, this initiative blends nature and technology, anchored by the “Magicbit” IoT platform. Monitoring essential parameters like temperature, light, and CO2 levels, Magicbit safeguards our air quality. Beyond monitoring, the project seeks nature’s solution to rising CO2 levels, exploring which plant species can effectively absorb excess carbon dioxide. This journey unveils a fusion of technology and nature, shaping air quality solutions for tropical interiors.



In conclusion, under the leadership of Mrs. Nilanka Weerasinghe, this initiative exemplifies innovative strides to enhance indoor air quality. The convergence of advanced technology and natural solutions within the hybrid air purification framework promises to reshape our air experience. As expressed, the journey from Magicbit integration to upcoming app development envisions more informed and holistic indoor environments.

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