Door Alert with Magicbit

Door Alert with Magicbit

Components Required


This is a Magicbit development board base door alert system which is to determines the door state and sent to the door alert on the mobile phone.

What You Need

  •  Magicbit boards
  • Door Sensor
  • Resistor 10K ohm


first, we are going to do is hardware parts Connections for this project very simple as we are only connecting a Door sensor, with ESP32 dev. broad. The door sensor is connected to the 33 pins of Magicbit broad while VCC and Ground pins are connected to 3.3v pin and GND pin of magicbit. for the make Hardware part You can follow the diagram below.

after that, you can create a program with magicblock.io platform. first, you should create an account and sign in.( http://magicblocks.io/ )

Magicblocks.io Android App

Download app here 


Schematicsblog diagram

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