5: Cockroach Robot
Arduino Project

Cockroach Bot

Make a Robot that hides in the Dark.

Components Required


We will learn about how to make a Cockroach bot using Magicbit (ESP-32)  development board and Arduino .  This robot will move away from any light sources.


Theory and Methodology

We will use the onboard LDR on the Magicbit board to get a measure of the light intensity. Whenever the light intensity goes over a threshold value, we will make the robot (magicbot) move in the opposite direction to the light.


Upload the given code to the Magicbit board.

bool dir = 1;

void setup() {
  pinMode(16, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(17, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(27, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(18, OUTPUT);

void loop() {
  int lux = analogRead(36);
  if (lux>1200) {
    if (dir==1) {
      digitalWrite(17, HIGH);
      digitalWrite(16, LOW);
      digitalWrite(18, HIGH);
      digitalWrite(27, LOW);

    else {
      digitalWrite(17, LOW);
      digitalWrite(16, HIGH);
      digitalWrite(27, HIGH);
      digitalWrite(18, LOW);
    dir = !dir;
      digitalWrite(17, LOW);
      digitalWrite(16, LOW);
      digitalWrite(18, LOW);
      digitalWrite(27, LOW);


Deploy and Enjoy!

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