Smart Alarm
Magicblocks Project

Smart Alarm

Smart Alarm using Magicblocks


In this project, we are going to make smart alarm clock that will speak, announce the time, and read a phrase that you give. We will be needing to inject and play sound nodes.

To make smart alarm clock you will need the following nodes,


Make the following arrangement

Double click on the inject node and click on the marked section.

Then select “String”


What is a string?

A string is traditionally a sequence of characters.

After that type the phrase you want to read


Now you need to set the time. Click on the Repeat section


Then select “at a specific time”


After that set the date and time you want to ring your alarm. (I have set it to Monday at 8.00 AM) Click done after setting the date and time.


Deploy the program and wait for your alarm.



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