Best STEM kits for kids
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Best STEM kits for kids

Arduino | Microbit | Magicbit | Raspbery Pi | Adafruit

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At a time where the students and kids are getting adopted to online education, the parents need to make sure that they are getting the best knowledge possible without getting addicted to unnecessary activities. Technology has brought many things to us both good and bad, I’m pretty sure as elders you always want your kids to choose the best and to do their best.
So, if you are thinking of something to keep your kids engaged, I suggest trying to make them interested in a field like robotics, electronics, and IoT with these STEM kits for kids. These are all emerging technological areas in STEM education.

Why STEM for Children?

Arduino Development Boards

Arduino Uno Development Board


Microbit Development Board

Raspberry Pi Development Board

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Development Board

Adafruit Development Board

Adafruit Circuit Playground Express Development Board


Magicbit Development Board
Magicbit Development Board

Wrapping it up…

Next time you visit a smart and innovative kid, do not forget to gift them with one of these STEM kits for kids because they might even get hooked up with one of these and will try to achieve great things in the future!



Dhanushi K. Wijewardana
Dhanushi K. Wijewardana
Associate Engineer at Blue Lotus 360
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