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Magicbit offers the total solution for education institutions with hardware, software and content together with support channels.

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How Could Magicbit Help?

Educators around the world can explore new opportunities in STEM education programs with Magicbit.

K-12 Education
K-12 Education
Schools can use Magicbit to introduce STEM education concepts to student
STEM Institutes
STEM Institutes
Organizations promoting coding, robotics, Internet of Things, electronics and tech-innovations can use Magicbit products and services to make the programs more effective and attractive.
Vocational training & Universities
Vocational training & Universities
Higher education institutes can use Magicbit products for practical, deliver structured courses and modules

Why Magicbit ?

Magicbit is a fast to learn, easy to use and cost effective innovation platform

Magcbit hardware
Magicbit Hardware is feature rich with inbuilt functions without the need for many additional components. The plug and play nature of modules without the need for wires, cables or breadboards make it easier to even teach online.
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Innovation Ecosystem
Magicbit has software compatibility with popular software such as Scratch, Arduino, Python, C# and even a cloud based IoT platform. The mobile app and content together with all this creates a perfect ecosystem for learning innovation.
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Magicbit provides dedicated direct support channels for educators and online support for students in institutions. This helps to resolve queries, doubts and roadblocks quickly and move ahead in the innovation journey.
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Magicbit STEM Innovation Lab Kit

Get Essentials today and start building next-generation websites, create awesome pages with unlimited possibilities.

STEM Education Kits

All in one solution for STEM education

Development Boards
Development Boards
Magicbit Core, MagicKey
Magicbot, DC motors, wheels , servo motor
Resistor pack, Capacitor pack, Transistor and IC pack, breadboard and jumper wires
Sensors and Actuators
Sensors and Actuators
Motion sensor, Soil moisture, Ultrasonic distance sensor, RGB LED, Temperature & Humidity
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Printed Guides
Printed activity book and innovation lab setup guide
Magicbit LMS
Access to Magicbit learning platform with innovation curriculum
24×7 Support channel for instructors and chat support for students
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Magcibit Innovation Packs
Lab Mini
Lab Pro
Lab Ultra
Innovation packs

Includes all what you need to do innovations

4 Packs
16 packs
Printed Guidebooks

Essentials includes a large number of demos.

Content platform

Unlimited access to content platform

10 users
20 users
40 users
Teacher training

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