MagicCode Lesson 03: Arduino extension for MagicCode
MagicCode Lesson 3

Arduino extension for MagicCode




Arduino extension

Arduino Blocks

Set digital pin

The block sets the digital state of the specified digital pin to either “High” or “Low”. If the output is High, the pin will be at 5V and if the output is Low the pin will be at 0V.

PWM pin setting

The block set PWM output on Arduino PWM pins. The user can select the output from a range of 0 to 255. If the PWM output is 128, then half the time the output will be high and for the rest, the output will be Low.

servo pin setting

The block rotates the servo connected to the selected PWM pin on the Arduino with the selected angle(0,45,90,135,180) in degrees.

Digital read on pin

The block reads the state of the digital pin on Arduino (“High” or “Low”). If the state of the pin is “High”, it returns True, else False.

Analog read on pin

The block returns the value of analog pins available in the connected hardware between the value range 0 to 1023. This range is mapped to the voltage of the pin (normally 0 to 5V). If the value received is 512, the voltage value will be around 2.5V.

Value mapping function block

The block Re-maps a number from one range to another. According to the default values mention in this block, 50 in the range 0-1023 mapped to the nearest integer value between the range 0-255, which is 12.

Sample calculation

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